Helping you bring some of nature’s paradise to your own yard.

Paradise Mills is a privately held company with deep roots in agriculture and bird seed production that date back to the early 1970s. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is located in Casa Grande, Arizona but the bird seeds products produced here reach customers all over the country. At Paradise Mills, we’ve mastered the art & science of seed production so pet parents, bird lovers, and nature enthusiasts can focus on their love of birdwatching. Retailers of our products can be assured that our products deliver the very best experience for them and their customers.

As leaders in our agricultural community, our customer success mirrors the success of our company. At Paradise Mills, we thrive on core values like safety, integrity, commitment, and most importantly — excellence. Our mission to be a customer’s first choice in bird seed is driven by the best quality products and service, supported by our expert staff members. Through this vision, we strive to be the best wild bird seed company out there.

Our Farming Roots Run Deep

Paradise Mills is associated with a family of companies who have a national and international presence in animal feed, seed, food production, ingredients, and more. Paradise Mills’ parent company, Arizona Grain has been a steady supplier of high-quality bird seed and other high-quality food and feed products for generations. Arizona Grain, Inc. had its beginnings in agriculture as far back as 1972 when the company was originally formed as a farmer-owned cooperative. Our deep roots in agriculture keep us grounded and focused on our core values.

See for yourself why Paradise Mills is a pet owner or farmer’s first choice for every tier of bird seed. Whether you’re a neighbor here in Casa Grande or ordering from across the country, we appreciate your business.

“Our dedication to achieving the best is what allows our company to soar. From our top of the line Mill technology, to our highest quality of seeds, Paradise Mills is focused on giving our feathered friends the nutrition they deserve.”
Business Manager